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Aaron Swartz, JSTOR and The Five “Why?”s

Last weekend brought the tragic news of the suicide of Aaron Swartz, one of the most innovative young—if troubled—minds in the computer industry, hounded to death in the name of state-sanctioned protection of monopoly rents. His death has, fortunately, not … Continue reading

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WTF?!?—2,000 views…

Are there that many unhappy Chicago grad students out there? Or is it mostly bots? Though I suspect links from Monkey Cage and Duck of Minerva probably helped more that a little. And wow…if I could just monetize that at … Continue reading

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Commentary on Mearsheimer and Walt

I’m a bit out of the loop here, so only recently was I alerted to Mearsheimer and Walt’s anti-quantitative methods screed. Which has now been skewered more times than the onions at a kabab joint—most notably by Steve Saideman over … Continue reading

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