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When Blogs Go Bad…and a word on networking at conferences

Not this blog. But rather the unfortunate Brian Rathbun whose ill-considered post [8]—or at the very least, poor choice of metaphors—on the merits of networking at the American Political Science Association (APSA) meetings resulted in a flurry of unanticipated consequences … Continue reading

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Following up on “Feral”

Well, that one certainly got some attention. I’d posted it around 2 p.m. and then went out for a long walk to wind down, and came back about an hour later and saw there had been only a couple dozen … Continue reading

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Going Feral! Or “So long, and thanks for all the fish…”

You just know when it is time to quit. So yesterday, 45 years after first enrolling in university classes, 40 years after teaching my first independent class, 37 years after obtaining a tenure-track position, and 31 years with tenure, I … Continue reading

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