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Seven Observations on the 2016 Election

On my day-pack I’ve got a little enamelled pin I bought several years back in a small shop in Juneau run by a guy who has, well, opinions. It shows a typewriter with the words “Write hard, die free.” [1] So, … Continue reading

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Seven reflections on Trump, Sanders and the crisis of bozo capitalism

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. Ronald Reagan Blogs are funny … Continue reading

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Seven Concepts a Dept. of Defense Program Manager Needs to Successfully Develop Social Science Models: Part 1

There you go again. Ronald Reagan [1] It was with a mix of deja vu, amusement and resignation that I saw the latest Dept. of Defense (DoD) pronouncements—try here and here —about their intentions to take a very important innovation in machine … Continue reading

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Seven Updated Observations on Trump

It is now exactly five months since I posted Is Trump pulling a Colbert on the Republican Party? ( and for some reason, presumably quite unrelated to that timing, that entry has experienced an upsurge in views over the past … Continue reading

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Seven lessons the national Democratic Party should draw from the victory of John Bel Edwards [1]

November 22 dawned with the news that Louisiana Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards had not merely defeated the loathsome Republican David Vitter, but totally whomped’em. And accomplished this in the deep South with the votes of a group long … Continue reading

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Is Trump pulling a Colbert on the Republican Party?

As a Will Rogers Democrat [1], I’ve been watching with delight as Donald Trump states, re-states, and then doubles-down on statements that seem almost perfectly designed to offend the median voter and put other Republican presidential hopefuls—now a not insignificant … Continue reading

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Hey, who you calling a ‘Crusader’?!

Given I analyze political conflict for a living—yes, you can actually get paid for that sort of thing—I’ve spent relatively little time on this blog writing about such topics. Avoiding a busman’s holiday, I suppose, or  maybe, just maybe, I find … Continue reading

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